Social Media Trends: 2021

While Dr. Martens boots may always be in style, social media trends will not. So what's on the agenda for this year?

-Video Takeover

-Value Over Qaulity

-Conversational Marketing

-Social Commerce

-Snackable Content

Let's discuss these, one by one:

The Video Takeover

If there is one thing we've learned from 2020, it's that video content will reign across multiple platforms. Unlike the mullet trend circa 1980, the video trend is the type of trend you need to hop on now or get left behind! To drive the point, check out these stats.

64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it (Social Media Today)

55% of people watch online videos every day (Forbes)

25% of marketers plan to invest in TikTok in 2021 (Postclick)

Viewers reportedly retain 95% of a message when they watch it through video. (Social Media Week)

Video marketing is on the uptick as consumer behavior changes during the pandemic and shifts to consuming more video content. Are you incorporating videos in your social media strategy? Now is the time!

Value Over Qaulity

The pandemic caused content creation to occur largely at home, via Facetime photoshoots, and smartphone photography has become the norm. Plenty of creators and influencers ripped sheets from their beds dragged them to their patios or gardens to create photos, videos, and ads for social media platforms.

The reaction? Consumers have embraced it. The content that brought value is now more about the message than the content behind it. In 2019 people were already pulling away from the picture-perfect and overly edited content they once loved. The pandemic pushed this shift even more as people's lifestyles were affected, and they have become appreciative of the content that does not scream "everything is fine."

Conversational Marketing

What is conversational marketing? It is a strategy that uses conversations with clients at the forefront of driving sales, growing, and improving the business. It's a feedback-oriented approach with a formula made up of listening, understanding, and engaging.

Social media was made for conversation. Customers want to talk to you there, and they know that even the biggest brands aren’t above engaging with them on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. (Instapage)

The benefits of conversational marketing are abundant.

You create a more human experience (Drift)

Shortens the sales cycle (Whisbi)

You learn a ton about your buyers and customers (Drift)

Improves customer relationships (Viral Solutions)

Discovers a new source of leads (Prodo)

Social Commerce

Hopefully, you are ready to embrace shopping via social media. With Instagram's new shoppable tab, it's not hard to see which direction social media platforms are going in this year. Social commerce is an $89.4 billion market and is projected to grow to $604.5 billion in the next several years.

The difference between eCommerce and Social Commerce? It is a whole shopping experience delivered to you right off a social media platform. Why are they popular? Largely because they load faster than mobile sites, and when living in an 'I wanted it shipped yesterday world' time is of the essence.

Snackable Content

Snackable content is as delectable as it sounds. With attention spans shrinking faster and faster. Online users prefer shorter, to the point and valuable content aka, tasty, fulfilling, and satisfying.

Snackable content includes:




Quotes with striking images

Much like Taylor Swift, social media is always evolving. Be like a Swiftie; be quick to adapt.

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