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Updated: Jan 14

It's been a successful morning! Your clients are happy; your coffee was perfect; everything is going great until you realize it's 11:48 am, 12 minutes before your peak audience reach. You have no content, no caption, no plan, panic ensues as you frantically open Canva and Photoshop!

Hopefully, you're no longer on this learning curve, but we have a few suggestions to help in case you are. Let's face it. You should schedule posts; posts should not schedule you!

First, let's talk about management apps.


The fact you can manage a variety of different social networks makes Hootsuite very attractive. Instead of bouncing from app to app, you can manage all of your companies' social media networks from one place. Networks include:


Facebook ( Profiles, Pages, Groups, Fan Pages)

LinkedIn ( Profiles, Pages & Groups)


WordPress blogs

As well as several other networks (Vimeo, Tumblr, Slideshare, etc.)

With Hootsuite, you can schedule posts in advance. No more alarms or push notifications telling you "it's time to post" while you're in the middle of a business meeting. This ensures that your content is posted at users' peak time on every single platform. The more users who see your content, the more your page can grow.

As for our team players out there, Hootsuite allows you to add team members to each social media account. Team members can see what is being posted, by whom, and when. If you are in the biz of social media, this is super helpful for keeping your clients aware of what is being posted next.

Our favorite part about using Hootsuite is a section where you can dedicate posts that you are still working on, 'drafts'. This allows you to collaborate with team members on posts and not lose track of your ideas when working on multiple posts for the same account.


There are several reasons to love Buffer:

User friendly


Scheduled Posts

First Comment


Some of these reasons are self-explanatory, while others may have you scratching your head!

What is Cross-Posting? Cross-posting allows you to post the same image - with a different caption- to multiple platforms because social media platforms are not one size fits all. Your Twitter audience will differ from your Facebook audience, just as your LinkedIn audience will differ from your Instagram audience. Thus, to grasp attention across multiple platforms, your captions should differ too.

When using hashtags, they must be posted ASAP. That way, content is not lost in content oblivion. If you choose a scheduling app to automate your posts, you want your hashtags to be automated too. This is where Buffer comes in handy, allowing users to add the first comment to their scheduled post. Buffer engineers, wherever you are, we thank you!


Loomly has many features that are Conter Creator friendly. It was the first scheduling app that we were exposed to, and we still refer back to it from time to time. Here's why:

Loomly is calendar-based. You can preview and edit posts for each social media channel. If you are trying to achieve a certain aesthetic on your platform, you will love the grid preview. Nothing is better than seeing exactly what your content will look like posted.

If you're working with a team, Loomly has customizable team workflows to approve & publish social media content. Another favorite is their suggested post ideas and RSS feeds, which never fail when you need inspiration.

Loomly also includes multi-platform posting, analytics, and post-optimization tools.


We saved our personal favorite for last. You might be second-guessing our credibility here because of it's low ratings on the App Store. However, Later comes highly recommended by Social Media Managers across all platforms, and we get it! Technology is not always on our side. We've experienced a few glitches along our journey of scheduling automated posts.

Trust us. There is something about getting a notification that a post failed to upload that dampens the entire workday. That's because so much goes into planning and scheduling a post. When it fails, there is a lot you have to do manually. We will spare you all of the boring details. Bottom line, we've found Later to be user-friendly and reliable.

Feeling overwhelmed about which app to choose? If you google Hootsuite vs. Buffer or Loomly vs. Later, you will get a plethora of info. You are bound to find articles telling you which one is better than the other and a list of pros and cons. We encourage doing research, but sometimes there is no wrong answer. Which app is best for you largely depends on YOU! What your biz goals are, or what type of content your blog is publishing, and whether or not you have a team of collaborators.

Most management tools include a free trial, and we 100% recommend trying these before committing to a paid plan. This way, you can be sure you are getting all the features you need and not paying for the features you don't need!

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