It's Not PMS It's My Personality

It should be known, that I LOVE sweets, however I’m usually the person that has to be extremely careful with what I eat before that “special time.” of the month. In short, I’m tip toeing around all month hoping what I ate Day 14, won’t kill me come Day 28. Who can relate?

I was skeptical about eating chocolate, even if it was hemp-infused. I have heard many women indulge in dark chocolate and feel great! But, If you suffer from any type of disorder or pain, you’re probably like me, and stay away, far far away from sugar. I’ve used other products from Grön and haven't been disappointed. They were delivered fast, and packaged well to keep from melting. I unraveled the bar (I tore open the wrapper viciously) and placed one piece of the Dark Chocolate W/ Raspberry in my mouth. Immediately, I fell in love!

Full transparency, I don’t have high expectations for “hemp infused sweets”. My experience with other brands have been the same: an unpleasant aftertaste. The quality of this chocolate is superior to your typical, chocolate bar- it doesn’t taste like wax- it melts in your mouth and the dried raspberries are sweet, tangy, bursts of flavor!

What about he consequences? NONE. I was bracing myself for cramps or bloating, I experienced neither. Within about 30 minutes, I noticed my mental fog lifted and my mood improved, I felt less negative, less irritated. 

Cut to present day, I’m eating the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Bar, as I write this. Passing them out to my family, square by square.

Because chocolate, isn’t just for girls.


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