5 WFH Tips

Lately, I've felt productive for about a week, then we start a new month and the next thing you know I’m falling down the Twitter rabbit hole. Caught between the news and memes about the news, and don’t get me started on the comment sections, (it's best to just look away). If you are still scratching your head, trying to figure out what WFH stands for, you are not alone. It wasn't until March that I learned what the WFH acronym stands for "work from home."

If you are working on a laptop or even a smartphone, we are all literally just a few clicks, taps, scrolls away from being distracted.

What can help you stay focused and productive?

1. Make A Schedule:  Organization is key! A to-do list is essential. Only you, hold yourself accountable now. Build a schedule that works around other commitments in your life.

2. Set Boundaries: Maybe it’s texts from friends, Instagram, Twitter, or something else distracting you. Many of these apps have options to turn off notifications, or set to “do not disturb”. If you are in close quarters with family, make sure they know what your schedule is.

3. Consistency:  Practice makes perfect. The structure is important for mental wellbeing, especially now that everything has been turned upside down. I’m not a morning person by any means. After my dog’s surgery, I woke up each day at 7:30 am to administer his medicine. When I started this early, I could complete all my work by 3:30 pm. Without so much as a yawn!

4. Take breaks: It’s ever so easy to lose track of time, miss a meal, and wig out right now. Taking breaks is critical! If you’re like me, taking a break from a computer means also stepping away from the phone. When taking a break from work, I find it best to go dark. No scrolling, no swiping, no typing.

5. Exercise & Fresh Air: Think back to when you worked in an office, if you were fortunate enough to have a window, I might lose you on this one. As for all my fellow 9-5ivers: what is the one thing, you looked forward to about leaving work? For me, it was a blue sky, non recirculated air, and temperatures above freezing. Many Americans go 8-12 hours without seeing light. Being outside resets our brains and refreshes us. Exercise enhances blood flow- more blood means more energy and oxygen- more energy = more brainpower!

Here's to being productive, focused, and healthy. Now let's get this bread!

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